Understanding the Ancient Art of Celtic Zodiac and Astrology

People have been drawn to astrology since the very inception of it. A majority of people have been looking forward to understand the way life works. What is making us tick? What makes our time better and worse? Concisely, people are fascinated to know about their future. They would do everything to know what their future holds. A number of studies have been known to man that could reveal what is in store for them in the future. One of them has been the Celtic Zodiac. It would not be wrong to suggest this form of study has been highly popular with the people in the present times.

What the study holds

Celtic is an art that has several kinds of symbols and patterns. These patters and symbols have been known to form a unique language. It has been competent to impart hidden secrets to people who understand the art. The language would be inclusive of astrological signs and ancient zodiac signs. It would be the perfect choice for people searching for fascinating and unique Celtic tattoos.

About Celtic astrology

In case, you wish to understand about Celtic astrology, you should know about its history. The first to practice Celtic astrology were the Druids. It would be pertinent to mention here that unlike the present astrological system, the astrological system of the Druids was divided into thirteen months. Every month had been assigned a specific tree. The tree was believed to possess secret mysteries and magical qualities.


The Celtic believed the universe to be a tree having roots growing deep and the branches of the tree stretched towards heaven. It was believed that the entire human race has descended from the magical trees. They have provided the Ogham alphabet with the mysteries of life. The name has been derived from Ogma, the Celtic God of eloquence and poetry. It was believed that both supernatural and natural energies are encoded in the trees. As a result, they have become a symbol of living entities possessing powers of infinite knowledge and wisdom. They have been known to represent the cycle life, death and renewal in a symbolic manner.


About Celtic animal zodiac

The Celtic animal zodiac has been highly popular in the present times. The Celtic animal zodiac is a remarkable European Druidic astrology. It has been grouped with ancient history to present the current form of astrology. It would be pertinent to mention here that every culture has been associated with a set of symbols and animals for each cycle.