Preparing For JEE (Main) Exam – Things Worth Knowing!

Joint Entrance Exam is the first step towards your engineering career. JEE is taken in two phases – Mains and Advance, and you have to prepare for both with care. Clearing JEE (Main) exam will take a lot of preparation, and most students miss on the first few initial steps. Before you check the JEE main 2017 application form, here are some steps that may come handy, especially for students who are in Class 11.

Start with the basics

In Class 11, you probably don’t know all the concepts that will eventually matter in JEE. However, taking a look at a sample test can be a good way to start. Check the important dates, so that you know the time you have in hand. You have to manage the time between JEE preparation and school studies, and at the same time, it is not viable to quit all the other activities. Instead of slogging for hours in the last few months, give two to three hours each day to just JEE mains preparation.

Take help

If you are unsure of how to start, check with the best known local institutes. Coaching centers are amazingly helpful, provided you can choose the right one. Take a look at their faculty and number of learning lessons before taking a call. Also, you can check many of the online apps and websites that offer incredible information, questions, discussion boards and other kinds of resources for JEE preparation. There is no shortcut to success, so don’t hesitate in taking help. Even regular and frequent discussions with friends and teachers in school and coaching centers can open a lot of avenues.

Keep calm

Do note that talent is one thing and performance is another. You can expect to see great results only when you make an effort. Don’t compare your learning with others. Healthy competition is always a good idea and worth morale booster, but don’t let it get to your head. You can only learn when you are smart enough with the approach. In the initial days, you have to focus on the concepts, so that you can work on the application and problem solving. Make short notes of all concepts, theories and formula for all the three subjects – mathematics, physics and chemistry.

If you have learned under good guidance and spent your time in understanding concepts, your efforts would be rewarded in the exam hall.