October Was National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Security Against Cyber Crimes

Cyber security is really a hot subject that affects America’s economic success and competitiveness in this point in time. With regular advances in technology such Cloud-computing and Virtual Privacy Systems (Virtual private network), it’s becoming more and more difficult to counter the looming cyber threats. These cyber security threats present serious economic and security challenges towards the nation’s security agencies. Cyber security could be ensured if you have taken proper safety measures to counter any potential threats that may result in loss or leakage associated with a information.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Department of Homeland Peace of mind in cooperation using the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and also the Multi-Condition Information Discussing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) backed the eighth annual NCSA Month in October 2011. The Nation’s Cyber Security Awareness Month took it’s origin from the theme of interconnectivity from the modern cyber world with special focus on VPNs. All of the online users possess a shared responsibility of creating a safe and secure cyber world.

The attention month had a number of occasions with the US which involved private and public sector engagements to ensure that Americans can be created aware and educated on the significance of safety measures and cyber infrastructure. The very first week of October centered on general cyber awareness with occasions highlighting the ‘Stop. Think. Connect’ Campaign. This campaign involved making internet & Virtual private network users, for example individuals enrolled in vpn4all.com and ocshield.com services, conscious of the potential risks and potential issues that may arise within the cyber world. Furthermore, it calls for teaching steps to guard individuals and computers.

The 2nd week involved an offer on developing cyber teaching programs to coach generation x cyber workforce. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) works carefully using its partners within the private sector and federal, condition and native governments to teach and interact generation x of cyber professionals.

The 3rd week involved an offer which centered on national and native efforts to avoid id theft along with other cyber crimes. The DHS activly works to promote cyber security awareness and digital literacy among all Internet and Virtual private network users. Special issues were highlighted for example Corporate Security Breaches, Spear Phishing and Social Networking Fraud.

The 4th week highlighted a celebration which involved formulating techniques for small- and medium-sized business proprietors to boost their very own cyber security defenses. During October, the DHS also highlighted the cyber security sources open to medium and small-sized companies to assist safeguard them from the growing cyber security perils of thievery, fraud and abuse.

Prevention – Much Better Than Cure

The DHS advised individuals to practice cyber security during NCSA Month and all year round. It’s encouraged organization to exhibit dedication to cyber by filling out the online endorsement form and achieving a NCSA Month Champion. Additionally, it has advised internet and Virtual private network users to remain safe in a number of online settings: on social networks, on gaming sites, in your mobile phone, and distribute them inside the community.

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