GTA 5 Guide: Things to do in Los Santos

GTA 5 Guide: Things to do in Los Santos

Get your pilot’s license
There are tonnes of airplanes to sneak in GTA 5, from tanks to jet fighters and biplanes. Attempting to get your grubby mitts on them may be rather tricky though, since some of them can simply be found at the army base, in which the guards are quick to take you on sight.

View a film
You can go down to a few of those newest cinemas in GTA 5 to capture one of many movies showing in Los Santos. They are all pretty lengthy, but if you are in the mood, then we advise that you watch a couple. Our particular favorite is just known as The Loneliest Robot at Great Britain.

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Drink (or a friend) below the dining table
Much like GTA 4 along with other GTA titles, you can get fairly wasted in GTA 5. It seems far more realistic being drunk in GTA 5 however, so we’d recommend frequenting among Los Santos’s most drinking holes to the genuine adventure. You may want to go as Michael and choose your cheating partner Amanda together with you. The banter they toss back and forth is fairly funny.Gta 5 for android free download apk without survey playing this game in the around is really fun

View your pennies
Stock market, banks and property are all methods to make the most of the money that you earn, but we managed to eliminate a reasonable little investment in the incorrect businesses, so consider yourself warned.

Get this blimp
The blimp is a pre-order exclusive, taunting people who were not obsessed enough for the game on launch date. We are attempting to figure out a means to reach it. Do not worry, we’ll.

Exercise your backhand
Tennis is one of the very addictive mini-games we have struck in GTA 5. Not merely are the mechanisms great, each character has their own assortment of reactions when they win or lose a shot.

Get a antlers to your wall
If searching Bigfoot and ET is not your bag, it is possible to take out ordinary animals like deer and bears in the wild rather.